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Benefits to Individuals:

1)    Sheltering of animals:  We will provide the compassionate services of food, veterinary care, grooming, training, and companionship to the animals that have been relinquished to the Shelter by individuals in the community due to inability to care for them, finding of stray or homeless animals, or due to the rescue from a neglectful or dangerous situation.

2)    Comprehensive spay and neuter program:  We will provide a 100% sterilization policy with an education program to reduce companion animal overpopulation and euthanasia or killing rates.  Sterilizing pets before they leave our care represents our only opportunity to directly redue overpopulation.  Education programs on spaying and neutering will create a more responsible community of pet owners.

3)    Adoption program:  We will endeavor to find loving and safe homes for as many companion animals as possible.  Through temperament testing and obedience training, we intend to place well behaved, lovable pets into responsible, loving homes.  This will address the community pet overpopulation in several important ways.  The demand for homeless pets will increase reducing the number at the Shelter, and reducing the number obtained from commercial pet stores and breeders.  This will in turn reduce the demand from breeders and the additive effect from the breeders on overpopulation of pets as well as the selling of unaltered pets that add to the problem.

    Our specific activities:
                 1) Sterilizing all pets before they go to their new homes;
                  2)  Suggesting specific pets based on owner profiles
                  3)  Pre adoption temperament testing
                  4)  Obedience training for needy pets
                  5)  Pre adoption and follow up education for adopters
4)    Reuniting lost pets with owners:  We will endeavor to find estranged owners by cross checking animals in the care of the cooperating organizations with reports of lost pets, including the Lost and Found ads.  We will answer ads if appropriate to reunite lost pets with their original owners.

5)    Pet guardianship services:  We will offer a number of services aimed at enhancing the bonds between people and animals and ensuring the permanece of adoptions to include newspaper articles and pre & post pet adoption guidance.

Benefits to Organizations:

6)    Pet rescue services:  We will offer the service of assisting our citizens, our city and county, as well as other cities and counties, in retrieving and offering care, housing, and medical intervention when needed by animals who have been abandoned or made homeless or rescued from dangerous or inappropriate conditions. 

7)    Education outreach to public schools:  We will offer a number learning experiences and classes to the school children of grade school and high school years. The classes will focus on proper care for pets, encouraging learning’s on responsibility and concern for the needs of others.  Pet overpopulation problems and the ways to help become part of the solution by spay and neuter efforts and avoiding unwanted pregnancies and offspring will be highlighted.  Above all, love and compassion for animals and pets will be our focus.

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