Use this to hold with PayPal.

After speaking to a TRACS representative and having an approved application:

Pre payment of non-refundable
amount equal to 1/2 the adoption
fee is an acceptable means to hold a pet.
Hold fee is transferrable to
another pet if a different pet is chosen. Please put the pet's name and contact information in the note section below. We will contact you regarding the hold. Be sure to enter the Amount in USD before selecting "Pay Now"


Miss Nell is desperately looking for a foster or adoption home. She was adopted by an older gentleman who loved her and loved to feed her, unfortunately in excess, due to weight gain she became diabetic. The gentleman passed away and Nell has come back to TRACS. She is on a small amount of insulin 2 times a day. With exercise and controlled feeding she has a good chance of getting off the insulin. She is super sweet, loving, playful and young, under 6 years old. At 14 pounds she is an adorable cairn terrier. Please be her new family.Image may contain: dog